Sludge Treatment and Oil Recovery System
The use of modern, state of art waste oil sludge treatment equipment allows large financial gains to be made on sludge treatment projects when equipment purchase and operating costs are set against the value of the recovered oil. These advantages are now well proven world over where all refinery crude oil storage tank cleaning projects now include a sludge treatment / oil recovery phase. The system has been used at British Petroleum, Texaco, Esso, Shell and many more refineries.
Typically waste crude oil sludge from pits and tanks can contain between 70% and 90% hydrocarbon and the hydrocarbons contents from tanks is often 90%.

The TSPL system can recover 95% of hydrocarbons in the sludge, so based on an average 80% oil content of which 95% can be recovered and a conversion rate of six barrels / cubic meter each cubic meter will contain 4.5 barrels of recoverable oil.

1M³ of sludge X 80% oil content X 95% recovery X 6 barrels / M³ = 4.56 barrels of recovered oil

Using the above calculation it can be seen that a tank with a 4000 M3  of waste oil sludge contains as 24,000 barrels of oil of which 18240 barrels is recoverable oil with a market value of 50 USD per barrel will have 192000 USD worth of oil that goes back into the refinery system.

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