Passive Fire Protection Devices
Passive fire protection products includes cable coatings, penetration seal systems qualified under the most rigid industry standards for fire, flood, pressure, and radiation resistance.

TSPL specializes in Fire Stops, Penetration Seals, Fire Wrap, and Rigid Fire Barriers specifically developed for power, chemical processing, and heavy industrial applications. In addition to our extensive product line, we offer installation and technical services.

System has been designed to stop fires on electrical cable, electrical cable and PVC Pipe penetrations and joints. By combining fire stopping, fire retarding, and fireproofing materials and methods, this complete system has been engineered to stop that loss.

The most effective products at achieving compartmentalization comprise our line of fireproofing and fire stopping materials and chemicals. Compartmentalization is the mandatory requirement in all building codes and fire insurance regulations to prevent a fire from spreading to other building sections.
Fire protection coating spray for electrical cables Fire, smoke and gas tight cable penetration seals and fire stopping for walls and floors

Cable Coating
The ultimate cable spraying fire protection material Coating protects electrical cables from spread of flame and also Fire Rates cable for 38 minutes (1100 Deg C) and 52 minutes (750 Deg C)

Fire stopping
Fire stopping products dependant on regional applications.

The innovative range of Thin Film Intumescent Fire proofing coatings for the protection of Structural Steel, vessels and tanks.

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