Gas Suppression
Keeping valuable items dry with gas suppression. While sprinklers provide excellent protection to nearly all buildings, water can seriously damage their contents.

In areas containing computer rooms, communications equipment or data storage, water ingress can cause as much damage as fire. What’s more, irreparable harm to your equipment, data loss and downtime can leave your business counting the cost of lost business and an impaired reputation.

Gas suppression systems provide the fire protection you seek without the risk of damaging your vital equipment.
Using the right agent
Depending on your specification, our systems can employ these extinguishing agents:
• FM200   • IG-55   • IG-541s
• Carbon Dioxide   •Novec 1230 Where to use gas suppression
• Computer Suites
• Electrical Cabinets and Switchgear Rooms
• Control Rooms and Telecommunication Facilities
• Stores and Archives
• Medical and Laboratory Equipment
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