Fire Protection System For Floating Roof Petroleum Storage Tanks
The most vulnerable area on a floating roof tank is the rim seal area. Stored product vapor will collect in the rim and with air it is providing a hazardous mixture. Lightning or sparks can cause a fire to occur. As the fire is hidden by the tank wall, the presence of a detection system is of utmost importance. As it is relatively simple to extinguish an incipient fire, Saval developed a combined detection AND an extinguishing system, built-into one unit.
The CFI rim seal protection system is a fully integrated modular system, which utilizes an integral detection system so no separate detection systems such as electric linear heat detection or separate pneumatic detection tube is required.

The CFI system uses 316 stainless steel distributions piping in combination with glass bulb activated stainless steel sprayers to detect and extinguish the fire. The system is detection and extinguishing system in one, which is developed to detect and extinguish the fire in a very early stage.

The system is recommended by the Bureau of Indian Standards, approved by Engineers India Ltd and VdS Germany. The extinguishing agent CF3I is approved as a clean agent by the Ministry of Environment and Forests Govt of India and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) USA.
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